“You think this area is moderately affluent,” Tim said, looking around at the hundreds of families coming to our mobile pantry to receive food. “And here’s the thing, you could judge. You could say, ‘Look at all the nice cars. These people don’t really need food.’ But maybe it’s not that they couldn’t get food, but they’ve got so many other expenses.”

Our volunteer, Tim, pointed out something huge about OneGenAway — we don’t judge because we don’t know someone’s situation based on what we see.

Some folks come through the line with nice cars, but it turns out they’ve lost everything else, and they’re living in that car. Sometimes a person waits in line on behalf of their elderly neighbor who can’t get out of her home. Sometimes a medical procedure puts a person out of work for months. Sometimes bad weather on a construction site delays work for weeks.

Sometimes … it doesn’t matter what we think because maybe love is best shown when we trust that, if someone asks for help, they need it.

Thank you, Tim, for extending honor to our neighbors, no questions asked.