Sabrina and Nicole are twin sisters, and they are seniors at Ravenwood High School. They are currently in the throes of college application and self-exploration, but they took the time on a Saturday morning to come serve with OneGenAway.

Sabrina wants to study chemical engineering. She isn’t sure where yet. She has a lot to choose from.

“When I was young, I had an option — one option — and it was perfect for me,” said Sabrina’s mother, Mely. “I cannot imagine dealing with so many.”

Nicole, on the other hand, has her eye on a marine biology degree. She’s thinking either the University of Rhode Island or Boston University. Unfortunately, she was hard-pressed to find a marine biology program in landlocked Tennessee.

The twins and their mother remarked how different OneGenAway’s pantry is compared to others they have served at, noting the high volumes of fresh fruits and vegetables.

“It’s kind of funky because [at other pantries] you get all kinds of different kinds of cans,” Mely said. “At this one, you get a whole bunch of one thing.”

We were so thankful that this trio came out to serve with us, and we wish the best of luck to Sabrina and Nicole on their journey at university!