When you come to our Mobile Pantry regularly, you notice when a person keeps showing up. In Waverly, Steve is one of those people.

Every time you look over at Steve, he’s hard at work and cutting up with people as he sorts food or loads carts. He’s always smiling and always hustling.

And he shows up. Every time.

“I love doing this. And I finally got me my T-shirt,” he said, pointing to the OneGenAway flag on his chest.

Steve lives in Waverly, and he said he heard about OneGenAway because “you can’t not hear about it.” He not only volunteers his time and energy with OneGenAway once a month, but he offers his skills and expertise as a professional contractor to those in his community whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the flood last year.

What would our communities be like if we all showed up for others the way Steve does?

What an unbelievable blessing Steve is to his community. He’s an inspiration, and we are humbled to serve alongside him every month.