Laura is originally from New York, and she talks fast enough to prove it. Every quick word is filled with joy and praise for her Creator.

“The Lord works all things together for our good, yes he does.”

When Laura pulled up to our distribution to receive food, she felt God impress upon her heart to volunteer. She waited in her car, received her own groceries, then parked and helped to serve those who were in line behind her.

“I’m a giver, and I want the Lord to use me, but I want to be walking in wisdom.”

She explained that she had two bills that put her in a hole, “but the Lord is bringing me out of it.” She said, in a way, she was thankful for her circumstances because, if she hadn’t needed to receive food, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to volunteer.

We love your heart, Laura, and we hope you are blessed in both your giving and receiving.