Nonperishables have their place, but certain stories remind us why sharing fresh produce is so important.

A woman at our Mobile Pantry, who we’ll call Regina, has been working with doctors over several months to determine a diagnosis for her 10-year-old son. This young man is adjusting to the reality of a chronic condition that will force him to be more vigilant with his body, medication, and food and drink intake compared to the kids around him.

Understandably, so many visits with the doctor have left Regina and her family exhausted and in need of a little support. When we come together to share fresh

fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods, we are not only relieving a financial burden on our community but even a medical burden for those needing to pay special attention to their diet.

We are proud to be in community with Regina and her family, and we pray, with whatever treatment path her son embarks upon, that he will find joy and fulfillment and the utmost support from those around him.