“It just never ceases to amaze me the kindness and generosity people have shown our town.”

Becky knows most everyone in Waverly. As she volunteered at our mobile food pantry, she was cutting up all day with the volunteers and those receiving food.

“They’re laughing at me because I know so many people in the cars,” she said. “They’re all hollering at me, and I love them all.”

The night of the Waverly flood, Becky woke up to someone banging on her door. Someone was trapped in their car. She immediately went out to help families as everything was being stripped away.

In the immediate aftermath, many disaster relief groups stationed in the town. Some family members asked her two weeks after the flood how they could help, and she told them to wait a few months because she knew the help would eventually dwindle.

But she has been encouraged. Many have stayed.

“People will still come in where I work and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got a whole thing of clothes or food. Where can I take it?’”

She came to volunteer at OneGenAway’s third mobile pantry in town, knowing we will return every month through 2023.

“Y’all just don’t know how much we appreciate this.”

Honestly, we’re as blessed by Waverly as we hope they are by us.