Did you know that 1 in 2 Americans don’t have access to public transportation, and 1 in 12 don’t own a car? Imagine trying to get the food you need to live a healthy lifestyle without any way to get to a grocery store.

This is the reality so many in our communities face. A set of surveys collected by U.S. Hunger showed that 43% of survey respondents experiencing food insecurity also did not have access to the transportation necessary to get to a grocery store offering healthy foods.1

This month, we launched The Doorstep Pantry, a food assistance home-delivery program, to help serve our neighbors who face challenges with transportation and mobility.

Not having adequate access to transportation is a heavy burden to bear, and we want to ensure that our friends experiencing food insecurity can get the food they need — even without a vehicle.

We are so grateful to our community for supporting this new program, and we invite you to come alongside us in serving in this new way! Donate or volunteer to OneGenAway today to help meet our neighbors where they’re at.