A woman we’ll call Pamela fancies herself superwoman, but she knows even superwoman needs support from time to time.

She is retired from the military and has spent the last several years taking care of her adult daughter, who suffered from a stroke that impaired her right side. She can’t get out on her own, so Pamela has been her right hand.

Things have been tougher recently.

“The word ‘cancer’ will throw you into a spasm just by itself before they even tell you everything that you’re supposed to do,” she said.

Pamela was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and when she pulled through our Mobile Pantry, she was in the midst of her chemo treatments, awaiting her surgery date.

We were honored to come alongside her during this difficult time in her life, providing support through food not only for herself but for her daughter as well.

“I put forth a lot of energy for other people, and then I have other people like you that give to me,” Pamela said.

But here’s the thing — we’re just the conduit. YOU, our supporters, are the givers. And we are so grateful that you have come alongside us in our mission to wipe out hunger.

As we walk through this holiday season with our community, our prayer is that we will start 2023 stronger than ever. Can you help us?

Begin a monthly recurring donation to OneGenAway and provide $16 worth of food for every dollar you give. Even $5 a month over a full year will provide $960 of food!

You can be the one to walk people like Pamela through the challenges of life.