Three clergymen walk into a food warehouse and drop off a $20,000 check. Sounds like the set up to a joke, but it is an incredible and humbling truth.

A couple months ago, Fr. Ed Steiner and Fr. Rhoades Bolster of St. Philip Catholic Church came to tour OneGenAway’s warehouse and learn more about what we do. As Chris and Elaine Whitney ushered them around our modest space, a deeper partnership began to build.

“We were just flabbergasted at just how much food goes through the place, how many people are helped,” Fr. Steiner said. “What really impressed us is how food can come in your building in the morning, and it’s on people’s dinner tables at night.”

Fr. Steiner and Fr. Bolster had intended to give OneGenAway $10,000 from St. Philip Church’s outreach fund, but after seeing the work of OneGenAway up close, they doubled their gift and blew the OneGenAway team away with their generosity.

“St. Philip’s has been an amazing partner for years, and what they do for this community that nobody knows about has always been humbling to me for the past 18 years I’ve lived here,” said Chris Whitney. “To be on the receiving end of their support, we just couldn’t be more grateful.”

Fr. Steiner shared that he and Fr. Bolster were further impressed by how far OneGenAway can stretch their money, and how much of it goes directly to the community. For every dollar donated, OneGenAway can provide $16 of retail food, or about five meals.

But it’s not just about the numbers — it’s about relationship too. And Fr. Steiner said he believes that, through connection and generosity, we can make the world a better place.

“If the good guys aren’t in it together, the bad guys will win. There are more good guys than bad guys,” Fr. Steiner said. “It’s got to be a city effort.”

We could not be more appreciative of St. Philip Catholic Church’s partnership and the caring and collaborative spirit of its leadership. We thank Fr. Steiner, Fr. Bolster, the St. Philip Church staff and congregation for working to bring the kingdom of heaven here and now.