One Generation Away is sharing food in a new and innovative way through our new program: The Doorstep Pantry.

The Doorstep Pantry is a home-delivery food assistance program that allows those experiencing food insecurity who also face transportation or mobility challenges to receive the food they need.

“OneGenAway has always been about reducing and eliminating barriers to food access, and The Doorstep Pantry allows us to truly meet our neighbors where they’re at,” said Chris Whitney, Founder and CEO of OneGenAway. “According to a set of surveys collected by U.S. Hunger in 2020, over 40% of families experiencing food insecurity don’t have access to transportation or the necessary grocery stores to live a healthy lifestyle.”

The Doorstep Pantry allows anyone to request a bag of food to be delivered to their doorstep up to once per week. All they have to do is sign up online.

Just like our Mobile Pantry, there are no requirements to qualify for food as long as the recipient’s residence falls within the organization’s service area.

“​​This will allow people who cannot make our Mobile Pantry events to receive food,” said Scott Lucas, Director of Operations at OneGenAway. “If they are a one-car or no-car family, or if they have a tough time getting out and about, The Doorstep Pantry provides a way for OneGenAway to love on people and remind them that they are not forgotten.”

The Doorstep Pantry program is made possible by DoorDash’s Project DASH — DoorDash’s initiative that empowers food pantries and other social impact organizations to leverage DoorDash logistics to increase access to food and other needs in their communities.

“We are honored to partner with OneGenAway to broaden food access,” said Kelly Jones, DoorDash Drive Director of Government and Nonprofit. “Local delivery has been critical in supporting food banks’ and food pantries’ provision of food and other essentials while emphasizing convenience and dignity. We’re excited to continue growing this work in a sustainable way for our partners across the country to continue to meet the ongoing need.”

Currently, The Doorstep Pantry program covers most of Williamson County, and OneGenAway is eagerly seeking expansion (view a map of our service area here).

The Doorstep Pantry delivers food every Friday, and interested parties may sign up to receive food at

“We can’t wait to serve our neighbors in an even greater capacity through this program, and we hope that our community is excited to get involved,” Whitney said.