Do you know how special it is to meet someone for the first time, hear about what’s going on in their life — their highs, their lows, the obstacles they’re working through — and then to meet them one month later, a big smile on their face, and hear them say, “Guess what?”

Our time in Waverly has felt sort of like that, like walking through a time lapse. You see tears, brave faces, appreciative smiles. You see debris, demolition, new drywall. You see mud, trees, flowers. You see healing. Rebuilding.

Since February, we’ve been giving out groceries in a parking lot that was once submerged in floodwater. The Waverly community has been helping us reclaim that space as one of resilience, not one of destruction. But a current that strong can leave marks in the mind as well as in the pavement. It takes time to recover and to ask yourself, “When everything around has been swept away, what do I have?”

Waverly has shown us that the answer is hope.

Waverly has a soul. Its people have a force. They have this grit and determination to ensure their neighbors are taken care of and their friends are supported. And better than anyone, Waverly knows that there is strength in a tender heart.

We have fallen in love with this town, and one year after the flood in 2021, we still have over a year of service ahead of us. We encourage anyone who hasn’t experienced the richness of the Waverly community to join us. It is truly a special place.