Alabama Manager

Daelyn Houser speaks on stage at OneGenAway's Million Meal Spring Breakfast in Alabama.
Daelyn Houser is the Alabama Manager for OneGenAway.

“It is not just giving away food for free; it is sharing hope, honor and dignity through food with the goal of walking through one season and growing into the next one.”

Daelyn is our Alabama Manager. She has been given the duty of helping to start and grow OneGenAway’s Mobile Pantry in Alabama, and that is no small task, but she has worked tirelessly to help us grow.

In her first year, she organized 18 Mobile Pantry distributions (31% of OneGenAway’s total) in North Alabama, and she has already held 10 this year with several more to go.

Daelyn is passionate about the place she lives and the people in it, and that shines through in everything she does. To her, the most meaningful part of working for OneGenAway is being able to say “I see you” to her neighbors.

“Hearing people’s stories, about their hardships and lives — it’s an honor to get the opportunity to say you are not alone,” Daelyn said.

In every distribution she plans, every partnership she develops, every community event she participates in, her charisma and excitement for OneGenAway’s mission shines through. And her desire to continually seek new growth opportunities and resources to learn from is invaluable.

“I am proud of what I have done and have been able to achieve so far in life, but I am not done, and I am excited to learn all the more and continue growing as a person, professional and daughter of Christ.”

We are so thankful for her hard work, and we can’t wait to see how it continues to blossom into something amazing in Alabama.