God is certainly in the big moments, but something about his small blessings communicates such abundant love.

We recently got an email from a volunteer, Kim, that began, “I want to share a story of hope.” We leaned in.

Several years ago, Kim became a single mother for the second time in her life. She hadn’t worked in four years, since her youngest daughter was born, so her sole source of income left with her husband.

One day, on her way to church, she took her daughter to the grocery store with $5 in her pocket.

“I knew I needed bread, but my daughter wanted grapes,” Kim remembered. “The grapes were like $1.50, and it was a big bag, so with the cheap bread, I thought I could buy both.”

Turns out, the grapes were $1.50 per pound. That bag alone was $5.

“I had to tell my little girl I could not get her the grapes she wanted this time. We were both crushed.”

As Kim crossed the parking lot to her car, a woman ran after her and handed her the bag of grapes. Kim began to weep.

“I knew God saw me in that moment,” Kim said. “That is why I volunteer. What you all do is so, so important.”

Something so simple as a bag of grapes planted a seed. Now, that seed has bloomed into a tree to bless so many more.

Today, years after this story takes place, Kim continues to volunteer, and she recently doubled her monthly donation to OneGenAway.

“I will trust God and you with my loaves and fishes,” she wrote.

What a breathtaking display of God’s love! Thank you, Kim, for being a vessel of hope to others who have left bags of grapes in the checkout line.