“I love how you guys are doing this. It will help a lot of people, especially with prices being so high now. I was lucky to find a cheap pack of hamburger the other day. It’s just getting horrible.”

Terry brightened up our day with her sweet smile at our mobile food pantry. She, like most of us, is feeling the rising prices at the grocery store. According to the USDA, from May 2021 to May 2022, grocery prices have risen almost 12%. When groceries are broken down into categories, we see that meat has risen over 13%, eggs over 32%, and fruits and vegetables over 8.2%.

Terry has a toddler at home, who is big enough to eat regular food, but she feels for all the mamas struggling with the current formula shortage as well. On top of rising grocery prices and gas costs, mothers of infants are feeling the added stress of providing food for their little ones.

We hope that, when our neighbors are struggle to keep up with the cost of all the necessities of life, OneGenAway might be a resource to cross food off that list.